Sinni Singh
Sinni SinghOwner and The Chairwoman – 918-673-1737

My name is Sinni Singh and Goal is Excellence.
That’s what WE strive to bring to you everyday. For years I have worked beside My Husband Ron Richardson but behind the scenes. Now I am at The Scene. I do have My Homes & offices in Las Vegas. I am spending more of My physical time in My Oklahoma office then Las Vegas at this time.
Here at Flint Rock products WE have a strong Team of people with various Educational backgrounds, knowledge & experience.
WE do everything with Love, Honor & Integrity.
I would like to introduce to you The treasure of The Team WE have here at Flint Rock products.

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The Team

Ms. Sinni would like to introduce her treasures on the team . . .

Ron Richardson
Ron RichardsonFounder
My Husband Ron is The Founder of Flintrockproducts. He has always been A man of Integrity. He walked The Walk & Talked The Talk. I walked right beside Him.
He lived with Love, Joy & Kindness. His power came from his humility. One of The most intelligent man I have ever met. I learned a lot from him. He was loved by all & His presence is still beside US.

Rocky Ferdig, Operations Manager

Rocky is our Operations Manager in Oklahoma and has a military and Law enforcement background. He has 11 years of experience in security, business management and property management.

He is currently responsible for all inventory for FlintRock Products, as well as overseeing security for all the facilities. He is continuing his education.

Cheryl Williams, Executive Assistant to Sinni Singh

Cheryl is based in our Nevada Corporate Office and works very closely with the Oklahoma Office.  She is the Executive Assistant to Ms. Sinni Singh.  She has multiple Master and Bachelor degrees and comes with 30 years of diverse experiences in the Corporate World.  Her expertise is in Marketing, Corporate Administration, Education, Public Relations, Human Resources and Broadcast Journalism.  She enjoys working in harmony with the team and helping to bring out the best in others. She will be the best resource if you need a meeting with Ms. Sinni.

Ashley Phipps, OK Office Manager

Ashley is the Office Manager for our Oklahoma office. She has over 6 years of experience in the office atmosphere as well as experience working with accounts payable and accounts receivable. Ashley has a pleasant voice and demeanor and you will no doubt hear her voice when you call the Oklahoma office.

Ashley’s prior experience in the healthcare field made her realize just how much she enjoys administrative duties, which has pushed her to continue her education.

Simran Singh, Special Projects Manager

Simran works in our Corporate Office located in Las Vegas, NV. Simran has over 10 years of experience in IT, accounting and property management. She has a pleasant personality and supports our IT needs as well as many other special projects

Michael Polk, Production Manager

Michael is our Production Manager in Oklahoma. He has 12 years of experience with production, shipping and deliveries in the United States and abroad. He also has experience as a long-haul owner/operator and has great business sense. Michael is understanding and very accommodating to customer needs.

He is highly capable of scheduling the pickup of materials and he will make sure your orders are accurate.

Larry Courtney, Lead Plant Foreman

Larry oversees our plant employees on the production of aggregate and equipment maintenance at three separate Oklahoma locations. He has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur in plant operations.

He has a degree in Industrial Supervision and Management. He is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated.

Ethan Harwood, Sales Representative

Ethan is in Oklahoma and has 8 years of customer service and sales experience with a touch of banking and management of large sums of money. He also has experience with heavy equipment operations and road construction.

Ethan served in the Army, has accountability, and being well informed is his mindset for doing all business.

Jasmine Datta, Receptionist/Security Coordinator

Jasmine is another wonderful team-member who brings wealth of experience to the table. Her skill set contains of office administration and planning and organization.  She enjoys providing excellent service to both customers and co-workers and is a calm and cheerful influence.   She is in charge of all the insurance needs for the company.   She speaks multiple languages and has traveled to various countries.

Bridging the Gap